March 19, 2013

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

How many of us grew up on this awesome cartoon?  I know I did and I just love that it's popular again!  This cake was easy enough to make except for the lid of the sewer.  My hubby had the brilliant idea to use diamond plate (I had no idea what that was) as a template design for the lid.  Off to Home Depot we went only to discover it was $35 per sheet!!!  Holy cow that's one expense sheet of metal!  So we bought it, brought it home, rolled out the fondant and imprinted the diamond plate design onto the lid and then promptly returned that sucker to Home Depot.  Making the cobble stone on the cake was pretty fun since there really was no rhyme or reason, just abstract square and rectangle shapes.  It was certainly time consuming, I can't image doing it on a bigger cake, but it turned out really cool.  The name was done with fondant by the talented hubs (he's getting good at this stuff!) as well at the writing on the cake board!  I also made some cake pops to go along with the awesome Ninja Turtle party that Delightful Deets put together.  The super cool cake pop stand was made by my wonderful friend Nichole at Yeung Mother Hubbard Designs.

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  1. What an awesome idea for a cake!! My son would love this! I'll have to pin this.

    Thanks for following Life As Liz via bloglovin today. :) Good luck winning the gift card!