February 25, 2013

School Bus Cake

Well here it is, my first ever school bus cake.  I'm not afraid to admit that I'm not the greatest at carved cakes so I typically pass on those orders.  But when I received this order I thought "why not, let's give this sucker a try!"  I figured it wouldn't be too difficult since buses are pretty rectangular and there's not much to them.  And all in all, I was pretty much right and it wasn't too hard.  The only obstacle was covering it with a huge piece of fondant, which was a little difficult since it was so tall.  The other obstacle was trying to figure out how to make it look like the bus was actually being held up by the wheels; as opposed to the ghetto version of just having it sit on the cake board and sticking the wheels to the side of it.  I figured out what had to be done: I cut some cake boards to about half the size of the bus, glued them together, then glued them to the main cake board, covered it all with black fondant and then stuck the bus on top and added the wheels.  And there you have it, my first school bus cake.  Oh and I made some school bus cookies too :)

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