October 17, 2011

Cookies for a Cure!
 Well it’s been a while since I last blogged so here goes nothing. If you thought something was different about my page you are certainly right! I had to jump on the offer that my friend Nichole from yeungmotherhubbard.blogspot.com made to redo my page. Apparently my limited techie skills don’t include making very pretty blog pages.  I am in love with what she did to update my blog and hope you are too! Check out her blog…she makes AMAZING quilts…she’s made 2 for me (so far) and I keep telling her I want more…hint hint Nichole ;)

Anyway, back to the reason for my NEW post! This past week I was given the opportunity to create some cookies for a charity event that I just couldn’t say no to. Marcus & Millichap was doing their first annual Chili for CHOC Cook Off and asked if I could create some bear cookies for them to pass out. Any event for CHOC I will never pass up! I’ve had many friends who’ve had to take their children to CHOC and even under the horrible circumstances for their visits they always rave about how amazing the staff and doctors are. The event, Chili for CHOC, was able to bring in over $2,000 in donations for the hospital…and this was just their first year! Again, I’m so thankful that I was able to do my little part in raising money for the wonderful Children’s Hospital of Orange County!!!

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  1. Those are super cute... like anything you make is ugly?!?! Ya right! We should make your quilt out of your CHOC Walk t-shirts! AND no prob on the help with the design, anytime! I am learning fast, I might just have to improve on it when I figure more out!